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Hi and Welcome to Alpha Aesthetics

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Here at Alpha Aesthetics, we are committed to providing high-quality advice on all things fitness, diet, dating, and lifestyle. In addition, we offer quality personal coaching to those seeking a confidence boost and better fitness gains.

My Story

My name is George and this is my story. Born and raised in Oakwood, California, I lived a stone’s throw from Venice Beach. I would often stroll down the boardwalk, first with my parents and then with my friends while in high school. The appeal of the Venice Beach boardwalk lies in the fitness area and the bodybuilders and fitness models that it draws to the promenade. 

Despite being surrounded by muscle and beauty I was never what you would call a fit kid. I liked candy, I liked ice cream and I was definitely not the ‘hot’ kid in my group of friends. While many of them were great at talking to the girls, and later the women, I would struggle. 

It was not until I went to college and studied nutrition that I understood the value in building and maintaining a better body. In turn, this made me not only more physically attractive but gave me confidence and left me in a better space mentally. I took this new lease of life into the world of male personal training and as a result, started to help other men who had experienced similar body and confidence issues that I had. This is what has led me to where I am today. 

Alpha Aesthetics

Being equipped with knowledge was one thing, but failing to reach as many people as humanly possible was another. This has led me to the creation of the Alpha Aesthetics website. Being online gives me the opportunity to branch out and spread the word to as many men as I can. 

This site is effectively a blog site. It will be equipped with plenty of information for men on a range of topics including dating, diet, and fitness. In addition, I will also offer an online personal coaching service for those looking to better themselves but not wanting to (or having the time to) go to the gym in order to do so.    

Enjoy, and Happy Reading

I hope this site helps you to learn a little something, and if you need any help or any questions answered then please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be in touch.