Landing Your Dream Woman With Confidence

date a woman with confidence

First all you need to master few things to get your dream girl. You might be having many girlfriends but have you ever dated the hottest girl at your office or at the gym?

Every guy fantasizes about the dream girl, and she can be from anywhere but do you have guts to prepare yourself to approach your dream girl?

There are few basic ingredients that will be required to get a chance to date your dream women, firstly you need to work on your personality and how you approach her with confidence.

date a woman with confidence

How to boost your self-confidence


Visualize, how would you like to see yourself. Visualisation is the most important factor to learn the skill to behave with confidence.

“I cant be a king and walk around looking like a peasant. I expect myself to do things a king do. ”

Work on superior body language

Once you are done with visualization now practice to have a body language of the character that you visualize. Remember, you cant be her king until and unless you behave like a king.


Daily workout is the greatest way to boost your confidence level. Regular workout improves the testosterone levels, reduce stress, improves pasture, better muscle mass, etc.

Start the process to improve your confidence level through the daily workout.

Do you see the big and buffed guys who always intimidates you at the gym? That intimidation is a by-product of their confidence level that actually makes you nervous.


Helping others contains great power within the self. Helping others will establish a habit of taking a stand, sense of responsibility and elevated habit to live with confidence.

Try to help someone who needs you, it will assist you in developing an overall personality.

Do one thing every day that scares you

Doing one thing that scares you is a process of getting used to of defeating challenges, the biggest agony of this word is we are scared to face new challenges.

Approaching hot women is a challenge and a most confident man in the room is going to get that hottest woman.

So you have worked on your self-confidence and worked to boost it, but don’t be a jerk now and don’t be so overconfident in approaching a girl. Confidence is good but overconfidence is a definite date killer. She has been dealing with many guys like you on daily basis, so the approach to a hot girl needs to be slightly different and descent.

date a woman with confidence

Tips to Approach

Ask for her opinion

Since the evolution of human race, males had a tendency to mark their superiority to women. But a strong independent woman is a total opposite, she is confident and able to deal with any situation. Best way to initiate the first conversation with any women it to ask for her advice.

You can ask her advice at work or at the gym or just ask “how do you do that so perfectly”.

Just say Hii

Problem is most of the men are just afraid to say hi to women, practice it with some other women and make it a habit to say “Hii”

Rejection theory

In order to kill your fear to rejection its important to get rejected, try to have a conversation with random women on road. Try to convince them for a coffee, the more you deal with rejection the more you will make yourself immune to rejection.