How To Successfully Find Love Online When Offline Dating Is Failing

how to find love

For me, online dating is one of the greatest inventions of all time. When I was 16-year old I had to write long love letters for my crush (I didn’t had access to a computer as well), but now this online dating has taken things to all new different levels.

When I installed a dating app for the first time on my smartphone I was fascinated with the idea of online dating and the way you see different people willing for hook-ups. Online dating felt like a shopping mall where you can choose the partner from different categories like her height, skin color, hair color, religion, etc.

But the scenario of online dating has been changed since then, in the early days of online dating you were not required to follow any particular strategy to put psychological impact on women and it was a platform where many singles could find their potential life partners easily but now you have to study an online dating bible to know the strategies of how to find love.

Before exploring how to find love online it’s important to understand the common mistake that most of you are doing while trying an online date.

how to find love

Online dating mistakes

Posting a casual picture: you might be thinking of showing your real character but “First Impression” is the most important deciding factor of online dating success. Try posting your best and impressive photos on your profile.

Don’t stalk them: she might have liked you back but that doesn’t give you a license to stalk her, stay calm and wait for her reply in gentleman style.

Getting too much excited: Don’t get too excited as a hot girl accepted your request. Stay calm and try to impress her with your personality instead of talking like a F**k boy.

Pretending to be someone else: You are expected to look good and behave well but that doesn’t mean to put a photo of fitness model instead of yours. She is going to get disappointed later.

Sending creepy photos: one of the scariest things a person can do is sending some creepy pictures of his shirtless body or even naked pictures. These pictures aren’t going to impress her, instead, she is definitely going to block you.

how to find love

Online dating etiquettes

Before googling for how to find love online it’s necessary to be aware of online dating etiquettes, let’s explore some of the most important etiquettes.

Reply within 24 hours: if you are serious about online dating then it’s better to reply within 24 hours and don’t let her wait for more than that.

Connect with them on social media: before you ask her out for a dinner and personal conversation you better get connected with her on other social platforms like (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

Setup an in-person meeting within a week: don’t drag the conversation very long, its advised to ask for a casual date within few hours of chat.

Get to know each other well before you actually go on date: don’t start a conversation with desperation to date, allow yourself to know her before you call for a date.

How to succeed in the online dating game

Choose your profile picture wisely: the first point in the bible of how to find love online is leaving a long lasting first impression. In the online dating game, the First impression is the Last impression, an average time taken by a member to check your profile is less than 2 seconds. So it’s important to make a dashing first impression, set your best picture on your profile.

Creating good first impression: we have already talked about setting good profile picture now let’s talk about the first conversation. Try to have a conversation about her hobbies and achievements instead of self-advertising. Women like those guys who pay attention towards her.

Stay casual and genuine: don’t try to fake yourself as an ultra-rich or a super hot fitness model, this will just give her disappointment at the time she meets you for the first time. Stay casual and stay genuine. Everyone has some strong points if she is a right person for you she will be genuinely impressed.

Be open-minded: as you have joined a dating site to find a partner for yourself, she has also joined it for the same purpose. She has all the reasons to discover the best options. Stay calm and open-minded, don’t ever try to act possessive too early.

Look for distinctive features: she must be used to of getting tons of compliments and she is definitely aware of the common pickup lines that many guys have already tried on her. Never choose to use pick-up like from any website, instead, try to create some your genuine pick-up line.

Most of the ladies are bored of getting compliments on her beautiful eyes or lips or curvy looks, invest some time to figure out her distinct qualities and complement her for possessing that quality.