How To Impress Hot Girls By Working Out The Right Way

Hot girls working out at the gym might look tempting to you and really is the majority of people join a gym in pursuit of hookups but it’s not that easy as it sounds.

In my long career as a fitness trainer, I have seen numerous people who have only one motive to join a gym, to meet a hot girl, but most of them fail miserably because of their lack of planning and understanding on how to impress hot girls working out at the gym.

Through this article, I will be discussing some common mistakes and tips to get the attention of girls at your gym.  

Conversation Tips

Be regular

The first thing that you need to do in order to impress a hot girl is to stay regular at the gym, you cant expect a great conversation with some hot girls on the first day of your joining.

Don’t compliment her body

A hot girl working out at the gym has no intention to flaunt her assets to every guy at the gym and complementing her body might make her more conscious. Yes, she has great but talking about her sexy body is not a best first conversation tip.   

Plan your approach carefully

Majority of hot girls working out at the gym are trying to stay focused and they came to develop their body not to indulge in any stupid conversations.  It’s important to plan your approach carefully and try not to annoy or disturb her while her workout.

Master in Short conversations

You don’t really get more than 30 seconds for a conversation; plan some short conversations in your mind. Like, say something about the music, the gym or an annoying goofy member. hot girls working out

Workout Tips

Don’t ego lift

Ego lifting is the stupidest thing you can do in front of her if she is someone who gets impressed with the amount of weight you can lift then she is definitely not the right one to approach because there will always be someone who can lift more than you. Hot girls like real and genuine guys, not some show-off idiots

Don’t give unnecessary advice until its absolutely necessary

Just because she is a girl doesn’t mean she always needs your advice, she might be very sure about what she is doing. Only throw your advice when it is absolutely necessary.

Impress with your personality, not your bicep size

Many hot girls at the gym get impressed with the genuine nature and your personality of the guy, not their bicep size or the number of Pecs they have.

Ask for help

Asking for help is a great way to show her respect and to initiate a conversation.

Most of the hot girls at the gym are very much independent and individualistic and they don’t like over smart guys, staying down to earth and asking for help can surely be a turn on for her.

Dress well

You should know how to dress for the gym as well. If you plan your attire for a date but why don’t you put an emphasis on your gym wear? Dressing well at the gym can leave a great impression on her. Don’t be over possessed with the latest fashion dress decently and just dress well.

Gym Etiquette

Some of the untold etiquettes you should follow at the gym.

Bring a towel:  it displays your consciousness about personal hygiene.

Re-rack your weight: unorganized weight is very annoying, and it won’t leave a great impression on her.

Don’t block the mirror: blocking a mirror is very annoying, always try to give her good space to workout.

Grunting is not so cool: if you think that making those weird noises if going to impress her then you should reconsider your strategies. Making any kind of grunting noise sounds awful.


Approaching a hot girl at the gym is not same as approaching a girl at the pub, most of the fitness lower ladies are very much self-dependent, dominant and individualistic. You will be required to plan your approach properly, maintain decency and stay in your character.

Most of the hot girls are not impressed with the amount of weight you can lift, they have probably got better options that you (in terms of lifting heavy). Stick to your plan and impress her with your etiquette