Overcoming your vegan lifestyle when hitting the gym

vegan life

Traditional bodybuilders consume a diet full of meat, dairy and eggs but being a vegan bodybuilder is a difficult task, you need to consume a lot of food to fulfill your daily nutritional requirements.

Being a vegan bodybuilder might be little difficult but it’s not impossible, you will be required to have some expert guidance and have a knowledge of nutrients that will be required for the journey, here are some quick tips to build muscle with a vegan diet.

Consume sufficient calories

One of the biggest struggles every vegan bodybuilder goes through is the low-calorie diet, most of the vegan diets are log in calories because of the absence of fats. The first thing that you need to take care of to build that muscle mass it to consume enough calorie.

Chickpea and legumes are important

These different varieties of legumes and chickpea are high in protein and very good source of carbohydrates.

My personal suggestion is to mix 4-5 different type of legumes and chickpea to complete your body’s daily nutritional needs.

Quinoa is a better alternative

Swap your brown rice with the quinoa, quinoa is a very rich source of different vitamins and protein. You can swap quinoa with the brown rice and chapatis you are consuming.    

vegan life

Rely on soy protein

Soy is a great source of protein, although its advisable not to consume more than 30 gram of soy in a single serving but you can consume it 2 times a day.

Plant-based protein supplement

All the bodybuilders supplement themselves with a different type of protein supplements, you can satisfy your body needs thorough consuming plant based vegan protein.

Short workout

Instead of opting for long workout sessions prefer short workouts.

Vegan smoothies

There are many smoothie recipes available on youtube, smoothies are the best and easily consumable way to satisfy your protein needs. Smoothies are easy to drink and are a good source of complex carbs and a healthy amount of protein.  

non-vegan bodybuilders definitely have an edge over a vegan bodybuilder because of the diet that is easy to consume and a diet that is high in protein but there are many legendary vegan bodybuilders available in the industry who made great physique because of their dedication.