The benefits of interval weight training

kettle weight training

There were plenty of training and exercise trends, but one seems to prevail throughout the years, and that is Interval Weight Training. Interval Weight Training is a technique of combining short exercises sessions of weights and aerobics in order to get the pumping of your heart going.

kettle weight training

What’s all the fuss about with Interval Weight Training?

IWT has been around for some time now, and it has been broken down to different routines by trainers from all over the world and it has been adopted to thousands of Gym Centers worldwide. In group training sessions, people join these exercise sequences usually because they are fun and they work out the body in more than one way. Of course, these programs can also be done individually by a personal trainer, but that usually costs more, and we here LOVE budget cuts

Why train with IWT?

Interval Weight Training is a fun way to work out and it has plenty of benefits. One thing you get with interval training is shying away from the boring routine of you wandering around the gym like a lost soul looking for machines to work on. If you generally have no plan or are that knowledgeable of ways to work out the right way, by joining Interval Weight Training, you will get the chance to work out the right way since you are constantly supervised by a trainer and you will also exercise different parts of your body that you might have missed by working out alone.

Another benefit is that you will have the chance to have a tighter schedule when it comes to your training. Most likely this interval weight training technique requires a schedule that is timed, because both the trainers and the trainees need to be at the same place at the same time. With this you will have a tighter schedule for your training and you have less excuses not to go to the gym.

woman crunching abs on a yoga ball

Should you start Interval Weight Training and do only that?

Well, that is something that you could do, but you could also combine it with the rest of your exercise routine that you have been doing so far. The only thing keeping you away from doing both is you and your endurance. If you feel that IWT is not the training to be for you, then you can move on to other stuff, especially if you want to concentrate to specific muscle groups etc.

Give Interval Weight Training a try, and you might fall in love with it in the end!